Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Write It Out

i have picked back up an old habit. no this not a bad habit as you may have thought. it is a good habit, but not really a habit just a part of my daily routine. it's funny how we go in and out of phases. i seem to land on something that is good and then drift away from it...
kind of like when i picked up cycling. i wanted a road bike and had to have one. now I'm a runner and love to run every day. but i am not a cyclist, although i am cycling for my first ever triathlon this June 23. anyway, after a few months of wanting a road bike the urge for one just kind of left me. i have been running for about twelve years now and hope to for the next few decades... cycling not so much.
back to my original thought, i am writing in my journal again and loving it. i am not sure what made me stop or even pick it up again, but i know i need it. i will journal my thoughts and prayers, just about life. i don't make it long, just enough time to know that i have expressed what is on the inside of me. stuff that is on the inside of all of us, but we never access. most of us need an outlet to express our hearts and mine is best on a blank sheet of paper.
i encourage you take some time over the next few days and write it out... a prayer, a thought, a verse from the Bible... just take some time and write it out.