Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love Easter. It is so much fun. Preaching is always fun, but during the Easter season it is so awesome. It seems that too often we only give it about one day a year and yet the affects of the Christ event are felt for a lifetime and beyond for the believer. Take some time this week and read the passages of scripture that relate to Easter. They will take your mind and heart to a new place.

I am praying for fresh movement of the Lord. I am praying that God would do something in and around me for His glory. Are you okay with the way things are in your life, marriage, or career? Take some time to evaluate what God is up to and what God might want to change or tweak. You never know what the Lord may do, so simply open your life up to him and he will lead!

Have a great day and take care!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Divine Directives

There is a point in the life of Jesus when the scriptures say that he set out for Jerusalem. Jesus made a deliberate decision to go to Jerusalem. Jesus knew that he was stepping into the hornets nest, but there was no other way. Jesus knew he must face the ridicule and taunts of the religious leaders. He was well aware that he would soon face the pain of the cross and yet he did not back down.

Jesus only wanted to be obedient. Do you? Do I? Most of the time I run the other way when Jesus is just is leading me further. I must deal with this tendency and begin to walk in full obedience. If Jesus is leading we will be fine. Jesus he overcame, thus we can too!!