Saturday, September 12, 2009

Taveling Light

The title of this blog is not unique, rather it came from the book title I saw several years ago. The point of the title fits, because I will be traveling with the GSU football team again this year and certainly need to travel light. I really don't need much with me on the road, but I still have a hard time packing less than I can possibly use.
It is hard to distinguish between what I need and what I might need. I can't seem to figure out just should take with a willingness to leave the other stuff behind. How about in your life? What stuff do travel with that you should leave behind? You, like me, have stuff in your bag that you don't need. I am sure you carry with you past failures that should have been long since dropped. We must not let the past mistakes in our lives to define our present or determine our future.
With this said, we must take what life brings us and see it through the eyes of Christ. When we live with a God perspective, we are able to discern what God is saying to us and wants to accomplish in and through us.