Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Problem of Success

How do you handle success in your life? Have you had much? Have you had a little here and there? Most people long for success, but mostly as the world defines it. We long to be known. We long to be famous, but but this should never be the focus of our attention. We should not allow something else to take the place God. We can put anything in this spot. For many it is the prize of fame. To be noticed. To be seen. To be heard. Timothy Keller says our hearts are idol factories. This is true.

But how do you handle the success in your life? So let's say your praying for a date? Do you thank God for the date or do you just go on the date? If you start a relationship with that person, is God involved in your relationship? Most of us get something from God and then forget God. We want are stocking stuffed but never give a thought about who gave it or pausing to give thanks for the prizes.

How about you?

As you know, I have been preaching through Nehemiah and it has been awesome. In chapter 6 he tells us that the wall has been completed, but he does not stop there. In chapters 8 and 9, Nehemiah leads the people worshiping the God who has delivered them. They have been in Exile and now 42000+ inhabitants read the Law and confess their sins. There is a sense that the people once again have the privilege of corporately worshiping the Lord their God.

Here is the deal. Nehemiah did not forget and neither should we! He honored the hand that led him to this point. He remembered the Lord and worshiped. I think we would do well to follow his example.