Monday, March 21, 2011

Running Scared!!

Don’t Run... God is not done with you yet!”
I Kings 19

How do you handle the obstacles you face in life? What is your tendency when you face a struggle or a roadblock?
On smaller issues we often trust ourselves and even on some-what larger items we tend to think we can manage around the issue. Now when we face a “bigger-than-us” challenge, we either try to handle it ourselves or we run the other direction. This is what Elijah did here in our text – he ran in the other direction. It is interesting that Elijah had just experienced a great work of God on Mount Carmel (ch. 18), but he was still afraid. No matter what you are facing on today, God is still in control and ready to see you through.

What are you afraid of? Are you running the other way? Don’t run; learn to set a pattern of trusting the Lord regardless of the size of the issue. It will build character and deepen your walk with the Lord. Running often is our natural response, but don’t just try to get to the comfortable spot. Let the Lord lead you by His Spirit to where He knows you need to be.

Elijah ran and was ready to die. (Vs. 4-5) Elijah was tired and just wanted his life to end. He wanted to the Lord to be done with him but he was not done with Elijah. The truth is... the Lord is not done with you yet either. Don’t give up. I don’t know what you are facing, don’t throw in the towel or give it. Spiritual growth dose not happen by chance. God is at work and wants to lead you to further along the path He has set for you!

So Elijah whines his way into a cave and wants to have a pity party. But the Lord meets him there and asks him, “What are you doing here?” What about you? God knew that Elijah was running from the Him and the work he was to carry out. Are you running from the Lord? Don’t give up on God, for he has not given up on you. Are you having a hard time at work, relationship, finances, etc.? Regardless, lean into to the Lord and let Him lead you.

God speaks and clarifies His will for Elijah. The Lord will give guidance, although it may not be like we think, but the Lord will certainly reveal Himself to you. (Vs. 11-14) The Lord says, “Go back the way you came...” (vs.15) Some of the fears in our lives must faced and not placed under a rug. They will not go away. Elijah had to deal with His fear and he had more work to do. The work was just as important and just as needed as the previous work Elijah had done. The Lord new He wanted to use Elijah and wants to use you as well.

Read the passage and pray the Lord will give you courage to move forward today.