Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful or Thankless

As you go about your everyday life I wonder are you mostly thankful or thankless? Be honest. Be willing to take a deep look at your normal everyday outlook on the life you live. It seems that many of us have a tendency to be thankless when in all actuality you can easily be thankless.

The Desire for More - Entitlement Syndrome
The truth of the matter is that most of us have an insatiable desire for more. We live in a day when we can get what we want and as much as we want. We feel entitled to something and that should be able to get it when we want it. We want our silly little wants met but God says hold on soldier. We can't seem to understand why God would not give us our every desire or why we must wait for the need to be met. The truth is we don't deserve a thing. We are blessed beyond measure and I am so very thankful for that. The Lord is good and every prefect gift comes down from above. It seems that often our requests can often be far less than what God wants to do accomplish in our lives. Are you open to the expanded version of God's will for your life. What if God did something completely different in your life than you think is possible? Are ready and willing for God to do more? We must be ready because when we have God we have more!

Just Fix It - I Can Fix It
Truth be known most of us feel that we can handle our issues without much assistance. We sense that the various issues we face are really not that big of a deal and can be handled without much of a problem. We do not like to ask for help and so we figure out a way to meet the need or at least to mask the issue in order to feel a little better about the situation. So what about you? Do you try to handle the situations you face in an attempt to sooth the pain for a period of time or do you allow the Lord to bring sustained healing to your situation. It may take longer and often dose, but with the Lord there is more. Remember: When we have the God we have more!

Be Thankful not Thankless!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deep Still: No Formula

We all want a formula for spiritual growth, but the truth is we have no formula. The Lord longs to work in our lives daily. There is certain disciplines that lend themselves to the work of God, but you can't just use another person's pattern in hopes of having the same outcome. In my life I know that I a consistent dose of prayer(silence) and Bible study. I need to enjoy God more and live out the joy He has placed in me.

We know this much:

We are made for God.

We have the capacity to grow.

God longs to work in our lives.

God wants to know us more than we want to know Him.

Spiritual disciplines provide an avenue for spiritual growth.

Take some time each day to spend with God. You just never know what might happen.