Thursday, August 28, 2008

One by One Mentoring

I am so pleased that the college ministry has taken a step in a new direction this fall. We have begun a mentoring program focused on mentoring college students. The ministry will develop mentoring relationships between adults in our church with college students in an effort to see them grow spiritually. I have trained 31 adult mentors and have paired them with students for a semester long mentoring experience. I firmly believe that these relationships will encourage the students in their desire to grow in their walk with Christ. It seems that life on life relationships provide the greatest opportunity for sustained spiritual growth to take place. I believe that these relationships will further help our students to be all they have been created to be.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here is the billboard design for the Contemporary service. This spring we bagan revamping the college service in order to reach young adults and young families in the Statesboro area. There are so many people in our region that have no connection to a church and even more that have never connected with God. We hope and pray that the service will serve as an on ramp for people as they begin the slow and the often arduous journey of faith.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hard to Believe

WOW! What a difference a week makes... GSU is rolling again and the students are back in full force. I am most excited about the new year... Worship went so well and our leadership team is really taking shape. We have a lot of plans for the new year and it really seems that we have good momentum right now.
I look forward to see how God works this year. Over the next couple of post I am going to give you an idea of the plans we have as the new school year begins.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I finished reading The Shack last week and was very intrigued by it. Certainly there are many people who do not like it and have differing opinions about it, but I must say that I was pleased. I would rather be pushed and challenged in my reading rather than just reading something that is vanilla.
I really enjoyed various aspects of the book, but none more than the reality of God being intimately relational with His creation. I loved seeing the joyful interplay of the Godhead and how we are drawn into their relationship as we walk with God. It is good to see God as being interested in our lives and how He wants us to interact with Him in deeply personal way.
Heaven is a mystery but I really like the the thought of knowing one another. How fun is it to consider that in Heaven we will know others and be known by them. Seems kind of silly now to think that in heaven there will be just a lot people hanging out with no names. Seems totally against that creative nature of God.
So I encourage you to read The Shack. Be stretched and pushed. Enjoy the fact that there is just so much we do not know... It is okay. Mystery is good for the soul.