Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maxed Out on Creativity

I love to be creative in what I do. I do not like things to be just the same all the time.

Being creative is one of the ways God geared me to do His work. Being creative is not easy, it takes time. There is no doubt that creativity is in the heart of God. So I wonder why we are unwilling to press ourselves in this area.

I believe we must work this into our lives and work if we are going to leave a mark that will last. In my world of ministry, I believe creative work is work that releases the heart God and touches the soul.

True, creative work is hard and not everyone is bent this way. If you are then maximize it. If you are not then surround yourself with those that are.

Here is a good blog by Seth Godin on very idea. Consider his thoughts and let your creative genious begin to show up in the work you do.

Another thought... let creativity work it's way into your marriage as well. A friend of mine challenged me yesterday to take as much time planning a date with my wife as I would on my next sermon. Hmm, this punched me in the gut... Thanks Will!!

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